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Relevant Made is made up of creatives, developers, and consultants with the experience needed to successfully create and implement a custom solution for your business. Here are some things we've done in the past.

Automotive Compliance Professional

We worked with ADCO on their first official publication for automotive compliance professionals. Everything from design, layout, and printing. We caught their vision, made it happen, and had a box full of printed magazines delivered to their doorstep.

ADCO first came to us to redo their website. Then they realized we offer so much more. The site was on wordpress with a bunch of plugins that made it a huge bloated mess. So we completely rebuilt it on a more modern platform and now it supports their business goals while providing real value for their members.

Ariel Ministries engaged us to take over all their web related projects. Which at the time included a blog site, magazine site, an FAQ site, and FTP access to 3 different servers. It was a lot to take in but we merged many of those disconnected sites into the single robust solution it is today. To this day we continue building upon that same solution.

Faith Church in Houston Texas asked us to take over their entire creative and development workflow. That consisted of all graphic design, printing, fullfilment, and project management for their location. As well as web design and development for three websites. We also helped them with video editing and tech. support for their in house production team.

Shepherd School is a 10-week discipleship program designed to train and equip people at Faith Church in Houston Texas to lead a home group in their area. We built the site, created a secure zone so only students could login and watch the training videos we edited and uploaded to our video hosting platform.

Two gentlemen from Amarillo Texas approached us about building a training solution for them. Not knowing how to go about doing that, they relied on us to plan, design and develop a custom solution for training courses they produced and sent to us to put online. They currently have 4 courses and are working on more.

I've worked with many agencies and freelancers over the years and very few, if any, have the complete package like Relevant Made.

Joshua Ratcliff J Ratcliff Consulting

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